【Pleasure me】 Omaru shrimp & cow with sirloin 2H drinking course 5000 yen
【Pleasure me】 Omaru shrimp & cow with sirloin 2H drinking course 5000 yen
5000 Yen

We recommend this plan if you want to taste the entire qualé up to appetizer · main · deferred paella! 9 persons can enjoy all 9 items such as domestic beef's tariata and fresh fish's grass oven baked with single-person half-baked shrimp with plenty of sauce Luxurious content.


★ 15 people ~ Please consult charter!

■ bucket

■ 3 fresh fish carpaccio

■ Caesar salad with plenty of vegetables ~ Hot half egg shoes ~

■ Miyajima Oyster Ahijyo ~ Garlic Oil Boiled ~

■ fresh fish's incense grass oven grill

■ grilled omal shrimp with sauce and sauce

■ Tauriata of domestic beef sirloin

■ Fruits of the sea - Mix paella of the mountains of the sea or Peperoncino of the seafood

■ season of desserts

★ Omal shrimp may not be able to prepare for the number of people in relation to purchasing.Please contact us for more information.

※ course is an example.It may be changed by season or purchase

※ All you can drink up to LO 90 minutes / 120 minutes

* When using the course, you can not use credit card.

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Various banquets】 Course of choice
    120 minutes with all you can drink
    3500 yen / 4000 yen / 5000 yen

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      2 people ~ Booking on the same day OK / ★ Available for over 10 people ... Offer bottle of recommended wine of the day! / No card / birthday coupons can be used together

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of October 2017